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Electric Glitter

Electric Glitter

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Electric Glitters come in a glass jar, perfect for sharing with your friends on the go! 
You get 20 grams of ultra fine glitter. Eco-Friendly Chunkies come in the same component but with 16.5 grams. Say goodbye to small glitter jars! 

Ultra fine glitters - Electric Glitters in the shades: Electric Runway (Limited Edition), Diamond Skky & Robo Kitty. Perfect base under Chunkier glitters for when you’re doing festival looks. Multi purpose & can be used to do nails as well! Can be easily applied over aquaphor or gels. Non-Toxic. 

Eco-Friendly chunky glitter - Electric Glitters in the shades: Acid Rain (Limited Edition), Electric Dragon & Rave Babe. Perfect for completing the perfect festival look! Can be applied to your body, hair, face. Be creative! Can be easily applied over aquaphor and gels, but lock it in with your favorite setting spray. Non-Toxic  

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