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Eye Brush Set

Eye Brush Set

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Introducing our curated collection of professional-grade makeup brushes. This curated collection covers all your needs, from precision blending to sharp-cut creases. Each brush is crafted for durability and luxury. Upgrade your beauty routine with this must-have set for both enthusiasts and professionals.

X1 - Groundbreaking Double Ended Spoolie & Liner Brush 

Just kidding! We're well aware that this brush is a staple in everyone's collection. It's a must-have, and with the impressive length of this brush, we're elevating it to the next level!

X2 - Packed Blending Brush

Designed for seamlessly blending transition colors, this brush style is also crafted with smaller eyelids in mind, ensuring a more user-friendly application.

X3 - Fluffy Brush

Ideal for applying the initial color onto your eyelids with precision.

X4 - Dense Blending Brush

This brush is built thick, delivering an exceptionally gentle and soft blend.

X5 - Oval Shaped Packer Brush

Pack color onto your crease or seamlessly blend colors for a smooth transition—whichever you prefer! There are no rules when it comes to brush techniques. 

X6 - Tiny Blending Brush

These are absolute favorites! Tailored for those delicate, detailed areas, this brush excels at putting the finishing touches. It's our go-to for highlighting the brow bone, inner corner, and the bridge of the nose.

X7 - Packing Brush

Whether it's precision cut creases, intense color packing, or sharp edges you're after—consider it covered.

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