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Eye Brush Set

Eye Brush Set

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X1 - Groundbreaking Double Ended Spoolie & Liner Brush 

jk. We know everyone has one in their collection. It’s a must have, but with the length of this brush we are taking it to the next level! 

X2 - Packed Blending Brush

Packed to blend transition colors smoothly and friendlier for smaller eyelids.

X3 - Fluffy Brush

Perfect for packing on that first color on your lids. 

X4 - Dense Blending Brush

She is a thick one and will give you such a soft blend! 

X5 - Oval Shaped Packer Brush

Pack color on to your crease or for blending out color transitions, your choice! There is no rules to how we use brushes. 

X6 - Tiny Blending Brush

We love these! Perfect for finishing off smaller and detailed areas. We love to use this one to highlight the brow bone, inner corner, and bridge of the nose.

X7 - Packing Brush

Cut the crease, pack that color on, or sharpen those edges! We got you covered. 

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